Our high performance vapor barrier is designed to impede moisture migration through concrete slabs-on-grade or concrete walls. Made from polyethylene resins that provide superior performance, this moisture barrier is good for radon retarder applications. It is important to avoid puncturing the film during installation in order for it to perform properly. This vapor barrier, however, has puncture strength that is second to none. Use this vapor barrier to protect your flooring and other moisture sensitive furnishings.
  • Under-slab vapor retarder
  • Foundation wall vapor retarder and radon retarder
Vapor Barrier
SkuHeightLengthColorGaugeRolls/PalletPrice Per RollBuy
299789 15' 200' Blue 6 1 $469.65$411.50$393.61$366.77
233959 15' 200' Blue 1 1 $592.65$519.27$496.70$462.83
232332 12' 200' Blue 1.5 1 $726.84$636.85$609.16$567.62
  • Not available
  • Not available
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