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10' x 100' x .006 Clear Plastic Sheeting

Construction and Agricultural (C&A) Film is provided in continuous rolls of durable low density polyethylene. Clear plastic sheeting can be used for masonry, construction, and landscaping. Poly plastic sheeting is great for covering and protecting skids, lumber, warehouse equipment, machinery, and construction materials. Polyethylene sheeting is perfect for agricultural purposes as well. Plastic polyethylene sheeting provides optimal economy, performance, and toughness. Plastic sheeting is also often referred to as visqueen plastic sheeting or visqueen polyethylene film.

  • Durable, multi-purpose plastic material
  • Wrinkle and weather resistant
  • Able to be reused multiple times
  • Excellent durablitiy in both hot and cold temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

  • 1000 Sq. Ft.
  • Rolls per pallet: 56
  • Centerfold Plastic Sheeting
  • Available in clear and black
  • Made is the USA
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    215026 10' 100' Clear .006 56 $77.05$67.51$64.58$60.17
    • Height: 10'
    • Length: 100'
    • Color: Clear
    • Gauge: .006
    • Rolls/Pallet: 56
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