High Clarity Sheeting includes additives that significantly reduce the natural "cloudy" appearance of Polyethylene Sheeting. It offers improved visibility over regular polyethylene sheeting when used as a cover or barrier. Our High Clarity Sheeting offers these great features that would help you "get it done" right:

  • Virgin resin quality plastic sheeting
  • Centerfold plastic film
  • Durable, multi-purpose plastic material
  • Wrinkle and weather resistant, water repellent
  • Able to be reused multiple times
  • Excellent durablitiy in both hot and cold temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

High Clarity Sheeting applications include: weatherproofing and insulating windows and porches during winter months, covering furniture, appliances and equipment, protecting artwork, and product protection during storage.
Crystal Clear Plastic Sheeting
SkuHeightLengthColorGaugeRolls/PalletBulk Discount SavingsBuy
328610 10' 100' Clear .004 1 $100.93$88.43$84.59$78.82
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