What are the uses for plastic sheeting?

Plastic sheeting, also known as poly sheeting, visqueen, and plastic sheets, is a large sheet of plastic used for wrapping. There's many benefits to plastic sheeting and many industries and applications for each. Visqueen is a brand of polyethylene sheeting that is typically LDPE (Low density polyethylene).

Let's take a look at how plastic sheeting can be used in its many applications.

Plastic sheeting uses and industries

We offer polyethylene sheeting in rolls for a variety of applications, both industrial and commercial. One of the best things about plastic sheeting is that it's resistant to many chemicals which increases its use across industries. Here's an overview of the many uses of poly sheeting and the industries that relate.

Perforated plastic sheetsPlastic sheeting

Commonly used as plastic pallet covers or bin liners and are provided in continuous rolls. The sheets are perorated to reinforce and help withold damge to pallets during shipping.

  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Masonry

Construction wrap

Great for residential and commercial house wrapping. This plastic sheeting has one of the highest levels of water and weather resistant materials in the market.

  • Commercial & residential construction
  • Erosion control covers
  • Lead & asbestos abatement
  • Remediation liners & covers
  • Temporary walls

Lumber wrapPlastic sheeting- lumber

Used best in extreme conditions, lumber wrap is commonly used in the lumber and construction industries.

  • Inhibits Mold Growth
  • UVI (Ultraviolet Inhibitors)
  • Lumber and construction

Static cling film

Static Cling film is a Vinyl PVC film. This film is designed to cling to smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic without adhesives. It's completely removable, leaving behind no residue, and is available in a variety of colors.

  • Electronic
  • Signs
  • Graphics and decals

VCI plastic sheetingPlastic sheeting- VCI

VCIstands forVolatile Corrosion Inhibitor. This type of sheeting keeps metals and other materials from rusting.

  • Automotive
  • Electronics

Agriculture film

This film is manufactured with UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers. They help to protect against the harsh weather conditions in order to last longer. It's high puncture and tear resistant, high elongation, and high outdoor longevity.

  • Agriculture
  • Grain covers and hay/silage covers
  • Machine and equipment coverings

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