Reinforced Polyethylene Sheeting for the Construction Industry

Plastic sheeting for constructionPlastic sheeting for construction is typically used on sites to provide temporary support of existing structures and the soil their on. It's a reinforced polyethylene material that stands up to the elements and pressures during construction.

Reinforced plastic sheeting is ideal for the construction industry. It's made up of 4 layers: two sheets of plastic film or sheeting and a layer of scrim reinforcement. These layers are laminated and bonded together using a fourth layer of hot molten resin.

The process of lamination gives the plastic sheeting durable, high strength, and tear resistant qualities. These qualities are needed in the construction industry time and time again. This plastic sheeting for construction is useful for industrial applications, protection against the elements on construction sites, moisture and gas barriers and many other innovative uses.

Plastic sheeting for construction benefits:

  • Construction enclosures
  • Erosion control
  • Shipping and packaging
  • Insulation membranes
This plastic sheeting for construction is just one of our many specialty films you'll find at Plastic Sheeting Supply.We offer many high quality reinforced plastic film, greenhouse film, vapor barrier, agriculture film, construction film and pond liners. All of our plastic sheeting can be used for many different applications such as insulation, erosion control, temporary walls and construction enclosures.

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